Are you having questions concerning our service? At this page we try to answer most questions you might get when considering our service.
If the question you look for is not there, please contact us and we'll reply within 48 hours.

"Auto Likes" is what makes you look super cool on instagram.
After ordering a package, we'll send you the desired amount of likes to every picture you post within your subscription. You'll receive likes on pictures posted after ordering within 10 minutes and depending on the amount of likes it takes up to 1 hours till all likes are sent to a photo.
Unlike most other instagram service providers, we provide a very high quality service so you and we are happy.
To maintain our system, we have to pay lots of monthly fees, but the results are worth it.
We have dedicated programming specialists ensuring that the system is healthy at any time.
Although we do our best to have awesome prices, you might find cheaper deals but please trust us, their quality will be very poor compared with ours.
Bulk Likes along with Bulk Followers usually get delivered within 10 Minutes after payment.
With our auto likes service you should see likes within 10 Minutes after you ordered the package.
Please keep in mind that with our auto likes service, you only get likes to pictures you posted after ordering a package.
Unlike most of the other services, we don't need your password and we don't use your account in any way.
All our system does is send likes/followers to your account and did you see anybody getting banned because of getting likes to his pictures? We didn't.
We offer a high quality service and we would never ask you for your instagram password nor would we perform and actions on behalf of your account.
All info we need is your instagram username, so we know where to send the likes.
You can cancel the paypal subscription any time you want, we don't use contracts or anything.
To cancel the subscription, log into your paypal account. Then open the details for your Alfahadliker payment.
From there you can reach the subscription details and also cancel it.
You can cancel the paypal subscription right after the first payment and you won't get billed again.
For details on how to cancel the subscription, please see the entry above.
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